nocph logo    Information and FAQ for Students Currently Enrolled in the MPH Degree


During a student's time in the MPH program, the student will be asked to comply with deadlines, complete forms and respond to various requests for information. The NOCPH Handbook has information about the MPH program and will provide guidance on issues that may arise.

For convenience, the most commonly used forms are accessible through the NOCPH web site along with a brief explanation of when to use them.  Many forms require approval signatures of major advisors, internship advisors and/or one of the Co-Directors.  It is important that forms have the appropriate approvals in order to be processed.

Deadlines, Deadlines and More Deadlines

While in grad school students are asked to comply with multiple deadlines in class and outside the classroom.   Outside the classroom, in some cases, missing a deadline can mean a financial penalty, a delayed grade or missed graduation ceremony.

Register before the term starts to avoid additional fees.  There is a penalty for late registration.  Students may drop a course the first week of class with no penalties. Adding a course and dropping another course should be done at the same time.  Adding and dropping at different times could cause an increase in tuition. 

Click on this link for the Academic Calendar to determine add/drop deadlines and end of semester dates. Pay special attention to add/drop deadlines and when financial penalties are incurred.

The Plan of Study is due by the end of the first 12 semester credit hours.  For full-time students, that is the end of the first semester after admittance. See Plans of Study for single and dual majors and for graduate certificate students.

The application for graduation is due at the beginning of the term in which you plan to graduate. The application form is valid for one term only. A new application must be submitted if graduation is deferred for any reason.  If you are earning more than one degree or certificate, you must complete a separate application for each. The application is completed online through MyUT.


Where to Get Academic Support

Let's face it--some graduate courses are tough and students can use a little bit of help understanding and completing material. The Academic Enrichment Center (AEC) is available on the UT Health Science Campus to offer academic coaching, study guides, tutoring and support to all students, including MPH.  Learn more about the AEC.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Question 1:  I'm enrolled at TWO universities?  How do I get IDs, emails, and all the other stuff for grad school TWICE?

Answer:   Yes, it can be confusing at first but look at the bright side:  you are really lucky to get experience two campuses (and two recreation centers and two football teams and two of just about everything else!) while in grad school.  A special web page links you to the most important things you will need to become a "dual" grad student.  This web site will tell you all you need to know to handle being a student at two universities. And, by the way, your diploma will list both universities and have the signatures of both university presidents!

Question 2:  I am ready to do my internship. What are the first steps?

Answer:   Speak to your advisor who will provide the forms necessary for internship. Secure an internship site. This is the student's responsibility.You will need to provide the contact information of the internship site and the name of  internship supervisor to your advisor. 

Question 3:  I began my degree as a double major but I have decided not to pursue a second major. What do I do?

Answer:  Complete a Change of Major form and secure the appropriate signatures. Submit the form to the Office of Graduate Studies in the Mulford Library Building.

Question 4:  The Capstone Seminar would fit in my schedule this fall but I won't graduate until spring. Can I take the class this fall?

Answer:  No, the Capstone Seminar must be taken in the last semester of your enrollment, just prior to graduation.

Question 5:  I really need more than one semester to complete my internship. How do I register for an internship lasting longer than one semester?

Answer:   An internship is 3 semester credit hours and may be registered across up to three semesters; i.e. one hour per semester, or another combination thereof.  The internship requires a minimum of 275 hours.  If you are doing any portion of the internship, you must be registered for an internship credit. You cannot participate in an internship without registering for an internship. For example, if you complete 250 internship hours in the fall semester and must carry over the remaining internship hours to complete the commitment in the spring semester, you must register for a portion of the internship credit hours in the spring.