Changes in the MPH

BGSU Teach-Out Plan

Exciting Changes!

 In the summer of 2017, the administration at Bowling Green State University (BGSU) and the University of Toledo (UT), along with the public health faculty at both institutions, decided that they would make some changes to improve the opportunities for current and future students. As a result, it was decided that BGSU would shift its focus towards Health Services Administration, develop a master’s program to build strong knowledge and skills in this area, and would no longer offer the Public Health Administration major. UT would maintain the Master of Public Health degree program and continue its majors in Environmental and Occupational Health and Safety Science, Health Promotion and Education, and Public Health Epidemiology. Additionally, UT is in the process of developing additional majors for the MPH degree program.

 UT and BGSU are working together during the transition. All students currently enrolled in the MPH degree program will graduate from a CEPH-accredited MPH program. All students admitted during the transition year (2018) will also graduate from a CEPH-accredited MPH program. UT is working closely with CEPH to ensure that there is no gap in accreditation during the transition. The transition period will last through December 2018. Beginning in January 2019, the MPH degree program will offered solely by UT.

 The NOCPH website ( will continue to be the source of information for all MPH students. Information on course and process changes will be added to the website as they become available. Additionally, the weekly MPH update will continue to provide updates of changes. Once the transition has been made to the UT MPH website, the NOCPH website will automatically forward to the UT MPH website.

 Students with questions about how the transition will affect their plan of study should contact their academic advisor. The program will work with all students to ensure that graduation is not delayed as a result of this transition, if at all possible. 

For more information please contact:

  • Hans Schmalzried ( for the BGSU Master of Health Services Administration degree program (currently in the state approval process)
  • Shery Milz ( for the UT Master of Public Health degree program
  • Janis Brown ( for general inquiries.
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